GridSquare joins with ARDA power to develop DC Microgrids. Welcome to the new age of DER Microgrids!

GridSquare's Anthony Guarneri was instrumental in the success of Syracuse's stage to NY Prize application. This is one of the core technologies that forms the backbone of the MG. It is the only winner who is creating energy while reducing waste to landfills by about 90%!

Binghamton is chosen as 1 of the 11 stage 2 winners!

Championed by GridSquare's Anthony both Binghamton and Syracuse were awarded $ 1M for the 3rd and final stage of the NY State Prize. They were 2 out of 11 winners who moved into the final stage of the PON 3044 competition.

New York Governor finally announces the recipients of the $11M for community Microgrids in NY State. There were 83 projects that entered the competition. We had 3 of them. 11 would be selected to go to the next stage of the competition. We won 2 out of the 11!!!!

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