GridSquare’s Battery Storage Solutions Can Eliminate 20 to 50% of utility costs with or without Solar.


GridSquare is an energy performance contractor installer providing battery storage solutions for Ithaca and Tompkins County; with Operations across Upstate New York.

The GridSquare takes a subjective look at the different makes and models of battery storage and will select what is most appropriate for your building size and application. Building Owners now have an array of options for storage of energy from the grid or an onsite solar array.  We interview the client, analyze their energy usage and design a system that best meet their goals.  Our experts will evaluate, and select the battery storage technologies to provide the best value for you.


Battery storage solutions offer deeper savings to our customers when combined with a solar array. Solar/Storage projects typically realize and additional 20 to 50% greater overall savings due to the demand side savings storage can provide. You can buy power when its cheaper at night and discharge to use it during the day when its expensive. You can also discharge your battery during you peak demand times to lower your peak demand charge. NYSERDA has many incentive programs to make the cost of the initial installation more affordable. And in the long run there are several commercial financing institutions we partner with to help put together the financial package for the project. There are also on-bill financing options. In addition to saving money, storage systems can be configured to provide emergency backup power for critical loads. Peak shaving storage solutions are also viable without solar and can be charged from the grid during low cost off peak hours.


Bundling grid applications to stack up multiple values can potentially deliver a total value that exceeds the energy storage cost, especially in combination with a holistic approach that combines battery storage with other distributed energy resources (DERs) such as controllable loads. Constraint-based load control captures the energy storage that inherently exists at commercial and industrial (C&I) customer sites in the form of HVAC systems, water storage tanks and more. By combining behind the meter (BTM) battery storage with onsite load control, value streams increase dramatically and can cut battery project payback times in half through benefits like smoothing grid fluctuations and providing the foundation for demand response (DR), ancillary services and dispatchable power programs.

  • Emergency Backup Insurance
    During utility outages, such as an unforeseen brownout, blackout, natural disaster, or time of crisis, energy can be provided instantaneously from the battery storage component to provide an uninterrupted supply of electricity.

  • Demand Profile Protection
    Utilities in New York are altering their peak demand times due to overproduction of solar during the day. Several Investor owned utilities have indicated that their peak demand times are shifting to later in the day/evening. What this means to a building owner is that even if you have solar now the peak hours for the grid will be after the sun has set making your electrons less effective in saving money as the highest costs will be after dark.


If you are considering a solar project or have an existing solar project, protect your company from runaway demand costs. Call us for a storage evaluation Today!!